Adopted April 2018, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All previous Constitutions are repealed.

alt 2018 WCET Constitution

 The WCET constitution is an effective and necessary governing document for running our organisation. As the WCET is registered as a charity and undertakes to provide services in communities, having a constitution is a legal requirement. The WCET constitution is also a way of ensuring that our public and funding bodies feel confident that the association is being run properly and is financially accountable.


The Charity Commission for England and Wales

The WCET is registered as a charity with the Charities Commission for England and Wales (registration #1057749).  For more information on WCET's charity status or on the Charity Commission, please visit their website


Constitution Advisory Panel Members 2018-2020

Jennifer L Prentice, Australia

Graham Hauck, USA

Hiske Smart, Bahrain

Karen Bruton, Canada

Kathleen Leask Capitulo, USA

Opal Kathleen Porras, USA 

Vida Johnston, Canada